Uptown Fitchburg

So, if you integrate the terms Master Development and New Urbanisn you’ll pretty much see what Uptown Fitchburg is going to be about. It’s one of the Midwest’s largest and most significant development projects, both in scale and potential uses, but with one important caveat; all of Uptown’s vision was pre-approved by the City of Fitchburg, so corporations, homeowners, retailers and other developers have a green light – a green light for progress, innovation and community.

Let’s discuss what Uptown Fitchburg won’t be. It won’t be sprawl, tight quarters, a danger to cyclists, walkers and pet-owners. It won’t be a concrete jungle housing office workers with no place to let-off steam, enjoy some green space, and a cup of coffee. And here’s what it will be – the place in Madison proper to locate a business, shop for groceries and other hard and soft goods, eat, drink, recreate, watch a movie, watch the sunsets, walk, bike, rent, own, eat again, walk some more, work, work-out, and eat a little take-out. That’s Uptown Fitchburg, the newest of new urbanism developments.

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