Uptown Fitchburg

Lacy Road and Highway 14, Fitchburg, WI

The Upside to Uptown Fitchburg is that it will be Upscale, Uplifting and Upbeat. Truth be told, the land at Uptown Fitchburg will Upstage anything else in the Madison area. Talk about land that’s strategically located, this is a property that’s a “chip shot” away from the U.S. 12/18/151 Beltline, most parts of Fitchburg and a short “drive” to Downtown Madison.

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Available Lots

Lot Acres Price Type
Lot 12.0$15 PSFHotel
Lot 21.9$15 PSFRetail/Office/Residential
Lot 31.5$15 PSFRetail/Office/Residential
Lot 41.3$15 PSFRetail/Office/Residential
Lot 51.6$12 PSFRetail/Office/Residential
Lot 61.0$12 PSFRetail/Office/Residential
Lot 71.1$12 PSFRetail/Office/Residential
Outlot 720.24Call to DiscussNeighborhood Center
Outlot 99.94Call to DiscussRetail/Office/Residential
Outlot 1012.6Call to DiscussRetail/Residential
Outlot 1231.7Call to DiscussLifestyle Center/Corporate Campus

Uptown Lot Map

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Uptown Master Plan

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Uptown Area Map

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