It's All About You

Sure, we build buildings, and great ones too, but we’re also known for building long-term relationships with our tenants, building communities where people professionally and personally prosper, and building the highest levels of comfort no matter if you’re at work or at rest.

What We Do

Avante Properties is a real estate company that keeps it real. We know when to get out of our own way and make way for the people who matter. You. We broker land and space, we develop commercial spaces and residences that are top-shelf inside and out. And we manage the properties that we own because, quite frankly, there is only one party that can satisfy your exacting  expectations. Us.

“Working with Avante Properties continues to be a big asset for us.  They understand what it takes to develop, implement, and operate a local retail store.  Their support from day one has been outstanding and their commitment to our success is unwavering.  We’re proud to say that we work with Avante Properties.”

Dave Deadman—Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

Why We’re Different

Some in our business say the devil’s in the details. That just couldn’t be further from the truth. For us, the joy IS in the details. Our expectations are high and our commitment to our customers even higher. We’re deeply involved in every aspect of the design of our buildings because we know how important it is that our tenants have positive interactions – inside and out – with our properties. Think about this, when communities are built on the foundation of corner-cutting, then it’s going to be the foundation that’s the first to go. No thanks. That’s not for us.

“Avante Properties is more than just a landlord, they are truly vested in their tenants success!  It has been refreshing to have a landlord that invests time and resources into making their properties and tenants successful.”

Andy Gundlach—Anytime Fitness

Front and Center

Is it ever too corny to say our people make the difference? No way, we say it every day. Avante Properties is a family run company; that’s not to say that We Are Family by Sister Sledge is exactly our theme song, but hey, we’ll play it at our next block party because that’s just one of the ways we bring people together. Our tenants know us and we take the time to know them.  Our tenants have direct access to the people that own and manage the company; there’s no rigmarole here, just people who are set on over-delivering on their commitment to you.

And here they are:

Chris Armstrong


Kelly Noll

Commercial Property Manager

Holly Peterson

Residential Property Manager

Lena La Fleur

Residential Property Manager

Michelle Klintworth

Residential Operations Manager

Kimmi Lotto

Residential Property Manager

Yvette Friedman

Accounting Manager

Kim Gobel

Accounting Administrative Assistant