Avante Properties, Madison WI

Emergency Service Protocol

For Avante Properties

In order to balance excellent, proactive resident service, this list is comprised of calls that would require immediate service. If you have a non-emergency request, please submit a request through your resident portal.



1. Refrigerator/Freezer not working.
2. Flooding from your Dishwasher or Washing Machine


3. Flooding or water intrusion unnaturally into the apartment (from a ceiling, window, appliance, etc.)
4. Clogged toilet, if overflowing and it is the only toilet in the apartment – turn off water valve located behind the toilet. Always attempt to plunge the toilet prior to calling our service.
5. Overflowing sink/tub/shower from broken valve/fixture – turn off water valve located underneath the sink.


6. No heat or unable to maintain 67 degrees or more in apartment.
7. No AC/Unable to maintain less than 85 degrees. Temporary Unit will be provided until next business day.

Electricity/Fire Protection

8. No electricity – contact MG&E for possible outage, then check breaker box in unit, then call the service.
9. Gas odors – contact MG&E at 608-252-7222, then call the service.
10. Building Fire Alarm/CO2 horns or detector sounding in lobbies/hallways/stairwells/garages.
11. Unit Fire Alarm/CO2 detector beeping. Reset or Disconnect – will be addressed next business day.

Overhead Door

12. Garage doors not opening from inside/outside or access is blocked.


13. Elevator stuck or not operating with Resident/Guest Inside.
14. Elevator not operating. Notify answering service and service will be dispatched for the next business day.


15. Lockouts – all lockouts incur a charge of $225 to perform the service (subject to change). If you do not wish to pay the fee, you may contact a locksmith. Resident must show proof of ID prior to unlocking the door.

Non Emergencies

1. Clogged toilet if multiple toilets are in the unit.
2. Unit Fire Alarm/CO2 detector beeping. Reset or Disconnect – will be addressed next business day.
3. Noise Disturbance – Contact Police (when applicable) and then Property Manager.
4. Parking – If someone parked in your stall, use street or surface lot parking. Notify Property Manager.

Emergency Service: 608-294-4080